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SKLZ Acceleration Trainer, Dynamic Overload and Release Resistance Training System with Force Absorbing Handles

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Learn to walk before you run.
THE ACCELERATION TRAINER. The SKLZ Acceleration Trainer helps build first step quickness and top-end speed. With its innovative force-absorbing quick release strap and multi-directional ring, you get the resistance and quick release you need to increase speed and power. DYNAMIC LOAD AND RELEASE. Accelerate from start to finish by building power and force with dynamic load and release tactics. Train strength and lower body power through over-load training using the SKLZ Acceleration Trainer. FORCE ABSORBING QUICK RELEASE. Shock absorbers give you flexibility and room to move that help prevent injury and muscle strains. Get instant feedback and seamless release so you can fine-tune your performance and train new positions and patterns. TRAIN IN ANY DIRECTION. Gain the start, acceleration and top-end speed you need to excel. With its free floating ring and quick release design, the SKLZ Acceleration Trainer gives you the power to train in any direction - linear, lateral, multi-directional - for longer durations. INVEST IN YOUR TRAINING. SKLZ is dedicated to helping personal trainers, teams, and athletes of all levels reach their goals. No matter if you’re training is sport specific or broad range, SKLZ is proud to bring high quality tools to your hands as you gain speed and power.
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