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MAGIC CAT 10 Pack Squirrel Repellent, Natural Peppermint Oil Squirrel Deterrent Pet Safe, Waterproof Chipmunk Rodent Repellent for Bird Feeder Garden Attic Garage Outdoor & Indoor Squirrel Control

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Natural Squirrel Repellent: This squirrel away repellent is mainly made of pure natural plant formula like Peppermint oil, Garlic oil, White Pepper, Lemon, Castor oil, Cinnamon oil. It is non-toxic and the vaporized odor of it is safe for pets, human and plants. It can release a strong smell that makes squirrels feel uncomfortable and escape from the protected environment. It also has a certain repellent effect on other common rodents such as rats, mice, martens and so on. Lasting & Effective: Unlike rats and mice, squirrels are very smart and agile. Agree or disagree, they will pose a threat to our lives by damaging your bird feeder, nesting in your attic and chewing the wiring of your car and house. MAGIC CAT concentrated squirrel repellent is an effective way to keep these toothy troublemakers away from your property by achieving a long-term and cost-effective solution. The effective protection period of this product's natural evaporation can up to 30 days. Humane Squirrel Control: This squirrel repellent ball is a humane way to repel most of common squirrels such as grey squirrel, fox squirrel, red squirrel, ground squirrel, flying squirrel by releasing a nasty odor that squirrels don’t like so as to make them flee away from the protected environment instead of killing them. It does not only minimizes the direct contact between human and the squirrels, but also maintain the balance between human and nature. Easy to Use: There are 10 vacuum packed squirrel be gone balls in every package with 5 net bags. Wear gloves to take out the ball and put it into the net bag for more durable using effect. Then place the bag at any enclosed areas where you have seen squirrel activities such as corners, attic, trees, duct openings, and so on. You can place it on the ground at an interval of 40-80 inches or hang it on the tree or bird feeder. For better effect, you can place the balls more densely. Wide Application Range: As squirrels have a strong ability to reproduce and they often shelter in some hidden and shady spaces. Once sheltered, they will mess up and even damage your property. MAGIC CAT squirrel repellent ball is a humane & eco-friendly way to prevent rodents from entering, nesting or foraging in your home, car engine compartment, garage, RV closets, utility room, kitchen, locker, cabinet, corridor, window, attic, shed, basement, balcony, warehouse, barn etc.
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