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Tattoo Aftercare Bandage 5pcs, Hypoallergenic Latex Free Waterproof Tattoo Bandages, Second Skin Tattoo, Protect & Promote New Tattoo Healing Bandages for New Tattoos Wound Protection 6*7 In Samnyte

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[ Hypoallergenic Material ] These tattoo bandages are made of PET material, latex-free, safe and hypoallergenic, which can minimize the damage to the skin, the tattoo aftercare bandage is divided into 3 layers, made of PET backing, PU film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and It is composed of release paper, which is more durable and more flexible, and has high elasticity and skin-friendly, allowing the skin to breathe freely. [ Best Tattoo Protection ] The tattoo aftercare bandage creates a protective barrier around your tattoo and the tattoo healing wrap protects your new tattoo from dirt and bacteria. Promotes faster and better healing of your new tattoo and protects open wounds from an injury. Is the choice of most tattoo artists! [ Waterproof tattoo film ] tattoo film is a transparent adhesive with high water resistance, tattoo bandage is 100% waterproof, which can prevent any excess water from touching your ink, allowing you to swim uninhibited after tattooing without fear of Damaged tattoos due to rain. It can avoid further friction or damage to the skin, effectively reducing the risk of wound exposure. It is the best partner for post-tattoo care! [ Usage steps ] each tattoo plastic wrap is for one-time use only; the waterproof bandage has 3 layers, the first step: tear off the first layer (white release paper); the second step: is to stick the rest on the new tattoo or Wound location; Step 3: tear off the top layer and throw it away; before use, you can simply wipe the skin to avoid oil or stains for better use. [ Professional advice ] Clean up the tattoo surface after tattooing, and stick the first tattoo healing wrap in the best condition without skin tissue exudation. After 2-3 hours, uncover and wipe off the blood and tissue fluid to clean the tattoo surface. After the first sticker is removed, clean the tattoo surface, and then re-apply the second sticker for three days until the scab is completed and then torn off. After scabbing, you can use samnyte tattoo cream to keep your tattoo color.
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