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Toolifer 50 Pcs Fruit Protection Bags, 12''×16'' Fruit Vegetable Plant Flower Cover Bags with Drawstring, Reusable Netting Bird Squirrel Pest Barrier Bags for Garden Orchard

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Wide Application Range: Our fruit protection bags are available in three sizes of 6*8 in, 8*12 in, 12*16 in. It can meet the needs of different growth period of plants, please choose the proper size according to the size of your for fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. Except for agricultural application, these mesh bags can also be used to store small items such as candy, snacks, coins, handicrafts, jewelry and other accessories. Upgraded Drawstring Design: Toolifer upgraded fruit protection bag have drawstrings on both sides, which is convenient for you to narrow the opening tightly. It is better than the one-sided drawstring design on the market because there is no extra gap to allow insects to get in to the bag once you have tied the knot. You can also fix the bag to the plant trunk or branches to provide better protection for the fruits by tightening the drawstring. High-quality & Durable Material: Being made of quality nylon material, our fruit cover mesh bag is of soft and smooth texture. These mesh barrier bags has tight and breathable mesh eyes, which is beneficial to the exchange of air, water and light. It does not affect normal growth of plants while protecting the fruits. It is tough and durable enough, which is not easy to wrinkle, tear or fade despite of long-term use. Effective Fruit Protection: This fruit cover bag can achieve multiple protection for all kinds of fruits or vegetables like grape, apple, banana, pear, peach, mango, lemon, cherry, loquat, fig, pomegranate, persimmon, sunflower, tomato, eggplant, loofah, cucumber and so on. Not only can it work as a bird pest barrier, but also protect your plants from strong UV exposure and wind destruction so as to loss reduction and achieve a great harvest. Light Water Air Through: Not only can this mesh barrier bag protect your fruits, vegetables, flowers during the critical period of fruit growth effectively, but also have excellent permeability to create a better growing environment. It allows 75% light transmission and water through, which is good for rapid growth. What’s more, this breathable netting barrier bag does not affect the air exchange during plant photosynthesis.
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